Healing From Surgery, Part 1: Homeopathy

By , October 19, 2009

Homeopathy for Bone Healing

Before the recent bunion surgery on my foot (bunionectomy with osteotomy where the 1st metatarsal bone was broken, a wedge of fake bone was inserted, and a plate and 4 screws were inserted to secure the area), I thought about what I could do beforehand to prepare my body to heal well afterward. I prepared in many different ways, and there are also plenty of things I’ve done since the surgery to support my body in healing. In this “Healing From Surgery” series, I’ll be sharing everything I did, including:

  • extra-nourishing foods I’ve prepared
  • herbal remedies I’ve made
  • supplements, creams, and¬†alternative therapies I’ve been using

I’ll be focusing especially on bone health & healing, since the surgery involved cutting one part of a bone, breaking another part, and installing 4 metal screws into it. So this series would certainly apply to healing from a broken bone, too.

Part 1: Homeopathy

I used to think it was total hogwash, but I’ve had a few surprising successes with homeopathic remedies, and I find myself turning to it for minor first aid issues. Any suggestions for good online resources? So far, www.abchomeopathy.com is the best from what I’ve seen.

Homeopathy is a form of vibrational medicine (it’s not “of the physical realm”), and therefore will not interfere with any other drug or treatment, so combining homeopathy with western medicine is not a problem.

Here are a couple good explanations of what homeopathy is:

Hyland’s website

Society of Homeopaths website

Before my surgery, I consulted a few different homeopathy books and put together a remedy regimen for myself:

Beginning one week before surgery, I took:

Arnica 30c – twice a day (to prepare for bruising, swelling, trauma of surgery, soft tissue damage, etc.)

Phosphorus 6c – twice a day (to prevent hemorrhage during and after surgery)

Homeopathic Calm Drops – as needed, for fear and anxiety

Then, after surgery I took:

Arnica 30c – each hour for the first day, then multiple times a day for the next couple days, easing off to twice a day for the next 2-3 weeks (for bruising, swelling, post-surgical trauma & soft tissue damage)

Nux Vomica 30c – twice a day for one week (to help rid the body of the anesthesia drugs)

Symphytum Officinale 6c – twice a day for about 4 weeks (for healing of bone fractures)

Calcarea Phosphorica 6x – twice a day for about 4 weeks (For the Hyland’s brand that I got, it was 4 times a day. Just follow dosage instructions on the bottle.) (supports bone health & healing)

King Bio Bone Strengthener – One dose (3 sprays) into mouth or on affected area up to 6 times a day. I’m still taking this remedy until the bone has healed more and I’m walking comfortably.

Of course, I’m not sure if all these remedies have worked. I don’t know what my foot would have looked like or felt like without the remedies. But I will say that my hubby and I were genuinely surprised at how little swelling and bruising we saw when the bandage was removed after two weeks. Even my neighbor, a nurse, was impressed.

As for the bones, of course, who can say? Who knows if the homeopathy helped. However, so far my x-rays look good, and I’m right on schedule for healing; in the next few days I’ll be weaning off crutches (yessss!). At the next visit, the doctor may even let me put my foot into a regular shoe…which would mean that my healing is ahead of schedule. And also, I’ve been doing lots of other things to support my healing process, which I’ll write about in the other parts of this series. Perhaps each little thing plays its own part. I know that I’d do this homeopathy regimen again, though. Since it probably helps, and certainly doesn’t hurt, why not?

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