Check Out ‘Mystic Orb’ for Holiday Gifts!

By , November 13, 2010

A few months ago I discovered Mystic Orb, an Etsy store run by two wonderful people, Jeff and Taryn out in Oregon. Jeff is an incredible woodcarver; if you’re looking for a gift, definitely check them out. They do custom stuff, too.

I bought two gifts for myself and absolutely love them!

The necklace I got is a woodcarving of a tree silhouetted against a rising moon. Normally I like to wear small jewelery, so I was hoping this wouldn’t look “too big” on me, but it doesn’t. I totally love it! And it’s very lightweight; I don’t even notice it’s on.

The other thing I got was a set of 7 buttons made from deer antlers they found in the forest. I was so excited to see those buttons, because I had just the perfect thing to put them on! I have this beautiful vintage wool coat that I found for $15 at an estate sale. It was the last day of the sale and people had been oohing and ahhing over that coat, but nobody could fit into it. It had been custom-made for whoever had lived at the house — made probably in the 1940s. I loved it and tried it on, and it fit perfectly! Everyone insisted that the coat should be mine, except I didn’t have money with me, and they were closing down soon. A nice gentleman overheard the situation and wanted so much for me to have the coat that he handed me a $20 bill along with a business card with his mailing address, saying “just repay me when you can.” Since two of the coat’s original buttons were missing, I replaced them all with the closest match I could find — plastic imitations from the fabric store. The plastic ones weren’t too bad, but I’d been hoping to upgrade them…and I’m so happy to now have these antler buttons! I think they add a really cool look to the coat.

Here are the plastic buttons before I replaced them:

Old plastic buttons...

And here are the new antler buttons! Much better!

New antler buttons!

6 Responses to “Check Out ‘Mystic Orb’ for Holiday Gifts!”

  1. snowpeas says:

    Ohhhhhh!! I LOVE what those antler buttons do to that coat–really add pizzazz and interest–much better than the dull plastic ones! Beautiful coat, too!! Looks like it was meant to be yours :). Thanks for the tip on Mystic Orb…I’m going to check it out.

  2. Bless your heart for writing this! It means a lot to me and I can’t wait to show Jeff! 🙂

  3. And the buttons look gorgeous on the coat by the way!! (and I love the story behind the coat too- so sweet!)

  4. Lindsey says:

    You guys do beautiful work — I just love my buttons and necklace, and love how they’re utterly unique and not mass-produced!

  5. Lindsey says:

    I know! Beautiful coat, beautiful buttons. 🙂

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