This week in the garden

By , April 7, 2012

It was another million dollar week of weather! The trees are in full bloom, as are all the tulips. The neighborhoods are absolutely gorgeous right now! And the redbuds are spectacular this year. We even got some snow this week, but it doesn’t seem to have bothered the blossoms very much. The moisture was very much appreciated after a month with not so much as a drop. Things are greening up beautifully.

I planted the potatoes, and got my tomatoes into their Walls-o-Water. The chives are at their peak right now; have you ever had cottage cheese with fresh chives and avocado chunks? Add a sprinkle of pepper and maybe some Tabasco too. It’s a staple for F, and it’s so yummy!

Here are some pictures from the past week:

The apple tree is blooming…

And all my tomatoes got to go on a trip! They got packed into a box, then into a bag for carrying on the handlebars of my bike, then they went with me to my Friday morning meeting, and then finally to my parents’ house after the meeting… and into the ground, each in their own Wall-o-Water.

Playing in the compost bin…

Hubby’s beloved scallions have sprouted!

When I leave in the evening, the onion sets are taller than when I’d arrived!


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