Our Clothespin Holder

By , August 27, 2012

Just wanted to share with you our clothespin holder that I’m really liking. We thought about buying or making a clothespin bag that would ride along the clothesline, but I didn’t want a metal hanger (metal dragging along metal is irritating), and I also didn’t want something deep that I’d have to repeatedly dig my hand into.

This shallow basket attached to the line with a simple length of yarn tied into a bow is just right. It rides quietly and smoothly along the line, and is easy to remove in the event of rain.


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  1. snowpeas says:

    It’s perfect! …and nice to look at while it’s hanging there, too 🙂 I remember my mother (who didn’t own a dryer and hung clothes on the line 5-6 days a week for almost 40 years, winter included) made a clothespin bag from an old t-shirt, on a hanger, sewed at the bottom. Not so pretty but it held a lot of clothespins for a family of 9!! (She never asked for help hanging out clothes–she loved that job.)

  2. Lindsey says:

    I LOVE this story!!!!!!! Clothespins for a family of 9, woahh!

  3. Good idea. Little things can make life so much easier. 🙂

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