Autumny things, Leaf acquisition, and Taking it slow

By , November 13, 2012

Autumn evening: Mugs of tea, a sleeping cat, reading the neighborhood newsletter, soaking feet in hot water, PBS on the TV....

It’s been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone. (Is Prairie Home Companion even still on? Gosh I haven’t tuned in in years… I loved that program…) Anyway, that’s been our Autumn — quiet, restful, and in keeping with the shift in season to colder weather and a reduced number of daylight hours (which I welcome!). F is still on leave from his job, resting and rehabbing his broken arm. It’s so nice to have him home here. We’re both just resting, which was so needed. I’m continuing to get weekly acupuncture treatments that are really helping to flush out my body and liver from 10 months of strong, toxic antibiotics — and probably also the megaload of endotoxins created by the Brucella bacteria itself… and probably also the antivirals I was on when this illness was still in its misdiagnosed-as-something-else phase… and probably also the narcotics from two really painful surgeries before that. Yikes. It’s an unpleasant process and I get impatient, but overall I’ve been hanging low and trying to let my body do its thing.

But let’s move on. The day before Halloween I got crazy (well, in a Bob Ross “Let’s get crazy” sort of way) and decided to make decorations for our house even though we weren’t going to hand out candy. I raided the rag box and made ghosts, and then drew a bat pattern and made a couple bats out of cardboard which I painted black. Then I wired some branches together to display my seasonal flags. I’m really happy with how the little flag pole came out! It was therapeutic to lose myself completely in a creative and totally frivolous activity.

While I was decorating, the neighbors across the street were raking leaves from their two maple trees. I watched with interest, because this past summer I ran out of autumn leaves for mulching my gardens and I really missed having them. I was determined to collect as many leaves as possible this autumn. I’ve never met these neighbors before, and normally in these situations my shyness overtakes me. But determined to break from my comfort zone, I walked across the street, introduced myself, and asked if they were going to throw their bags of leaves away (yes) and if I could have them (yes). And so by simply gathering my courage and asking, I ended up with eight bags of gorgeous maple leaves, ready for next year’s garden.


And then this past Saturday, I was whipped into action by snowflakes falling much sooner in the day than I expected, so I raked up our own maple leaves, jumping in the piles just as I did when I was a kid, inhaling their earthy sweet scent — one of the few things that hasn’t changed one bit in all these years.

Some of the leaves went into bins for composting later, and the rest went onto my garden beds for the winter.

And then the snow began to fall harder…

Time to go inside for some hot vegetable soup.

And then some hot chocolate. I’ve found a good way to do hot chocolate — something I actually rarely drink. I bought a quart of Kalona Supernatural chocolate milk, froze it into ice cube trays, and when I want a small mug of hot chocolate I pop a few cubes into a saucepan with some water (because I like it on the dilute side) and a dash of cinnamon, and warm it up until steaming. Delicious! (And don’t forget to add stale marshmallows to your hot chocolate. My bag of them, which must be at least two years old, somehow made it into the moving box instead of the trash can this summer, but now I’m glad I have them! I always did like ’em better stale…)


Later in the day, heating milk for yogurt making (I’ve learned to babysit milk, because the moment you step away from the stove it will begin to boil, rising up very quickly in the pan and spilling out everywhere)…


And now dusk. I love the blue light of winter’s dusk and the warm, homey glow from the windows.


What autumn activities are you up to?


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  1. pedritxes says:


    here in Barcelona the Autumn activities are mainly preparing winter clothes, star eating “spoon” foods , begin to change salads for hot soops and in the garden plant bulbs that will become flowers in Spring (Spring), we star to think Christmas
    is coming around the corner,time flies.


  2. Deb says:

    Hi Lindsey,
    Yes, Praire Home Companion is still being broadcast. We love it too. If you send me your new address, I will send you some recordings of the goings on at Lake Woebegone. I love the photo of the leaves under a bit of icy snow, and the one with you and F. (it makes me want to reach through the monitor and hug you both). Sorry about his arm 🙁 I wish you both good healing. It’s nice that you get to hang out together while you mend. Love and Hugs, Deb

  3. snowpeas says:

    I love fall for how cozy and inside-y it is and your pictures really exude that coziness! So sweet. I too love that dusky blue sky–can’t get enough of it. Your bat pattern is super–great decorations!
    That is a nasty list of toxins you are getting rid of–it’s so good you are healing from all those invasions. No wonder you have to be so patient. Sending healing thoughts <3.
    My autumny activity yesterday was to walk along the creek and pick up the beautiful dried grasses along the path that had broken off and I came home with a fall bouquet of grasses–it's beautiful :).

  4. Trish says:

    Hello lovely Lindsey, I have felt quiet and restful too. To be honest I haven’t felt great since last weekend. I had a migraine, then I’ve been at work and that just makes me so tired cause really I should be resting. I also attended a herbal class that a friend paid for for me for my birthday ( I will be 40, but it’s not until December )one night this week, and came home to find that Rosie felt ill and was being sick (she’s ok now), so was up very late with her.
    I have harvested some gorgeous rose hips, so today I shall enjoy working with them and do some knitting by the fire. It has been mild here, but today is a bit chilly and very foggy.
    I do love this time of year, cozy, early nights by the fire. Good healing activities.
    Much love to you.

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