A Good, Beautiful Tree

By , December 14, 2012

Thanks to an afternoon with my mom and her car (thank you Mom!!!), we’ve got a big beautiful charlie brown tree in the corner of our living room. I think one of the very best parts of Christmas is having a real live tree in the house.

This morning, to the soft sounds of Christmas music I remember from childhood, I strung the lights and laid out the ornaments. It’s cloudy today — a rarity that I cherish in this very sunny climate. Clouds make the day cozy and peaceful.

Tonight my Honey and I will decorate.

Assuming the ornaments remain intact till then…


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  1. snowpeas says:

    Those are the CUTEST CAT pictures!! Acting SO MUCH like a cat “helping!” And your tree is just beautiful! What a cozy scene! <3<3

  2. Hello Lindsey,
    Thinking of you. 🙂


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