The first glimmers of Spring

By , January 20, 2013

The Christmas decorations have been slowly disappearing back into their boxes, and the birdsong around our place sounds distinctly spring-like. The near-60° weather lures us outside while the sun keeps us warm as we play Scrabble on the porch in shorts, t-shirts, and bare feet. While there’s undoubtedly plenty of cold still ahead, there are certainly whiffs of spring.

On a sunny afternoon just the other day, I clipped some aspen branches for the table and made a few wreaths from virginia creeper vine.

My favorite home decor is that which is taken straight from nature. Simple and classy.


Are you feeling spring getting nearer?


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  1. Jane says:

    Looks like the cat approves if the wreaths! Can’t quite picture shorts on the front porch – we’re at a crisp 18 degrees, tho we’ve been getting sun today – most unusual for Michigan. We’re
    definitely keeping lights up around a window and door too to help add more light to the gray days and long nights.

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