Beautiful Things Today

By , February 7, 2013

The aspen branches I brought in a couple weeks ago are flowering…

It rained last night, instead of snowing — a most unusual occurrence — and this morning was so fresh smelling, and frosty…

This book I’m reading is a thing of beauty, too. It’s called Heaven On Earth, by Sharifa Oppenheimer. It’s about the Waldorf approach to early childhood — but if you let it, this book could be a life-changer even if you don’t have children. The environment created at home for the young child would in fact benefit anyone. The other thing of beauty in this photo is the page holder!! What a great invention…

Spring is coming! I thought the single-digit temperatures in January had killed my lettuce crowns. Not so!

From a longtime friend… a most wonderful, old fashioned, hand written letter full of love and soul arrived in the mailbox this afternoon, and contained these handmade hearts for our window!!!


3 Responses to “Beautiful Things Today”

  1. Trish says:

    Beautiful indeed..
    Much love and beauty to you.

  2. snowpeas says:

    Exquisite frost pictures–really really beautiful. I admire your knack for finding so much beauty in nature simply doing her thing :). And oh how wonderful to receive a real letter and HEARTS from the heart from a good friend in your mailbox!
    You’ve made February look pretty with this lovely post :). <3<3

  3. Lindsey,
    That frost is so pretty.
    A page holder.. how cool! I’m going to keep my eye out for one of those.
    How sweet of your friend to do that.


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