Garden planning, more snow, and a catnip party

By , March 5, 2013

As I opened the bedroom curtains yesterday morning I was greeted by a peaceful gray day and gently falling snowflakes! I always get excited when I see snow. I made tea and turned on some soft harp music, which goes very well with snowfall.

In the afternoon, the sun was shining while the snow was still falling:

And now’s the time when I haul out the seed box and plan my garden. I always am puzzled about statements referring to gardeners delving into seed catalogs in December or January, itching to get going again. For much of the winter I can hardly think about gardening! I very much enjoy the break that winter provides. I love my garden, and I also love having a break from the work of it. And I absolutely can’t even think about garden planning and seed starting and fertilizer stuff and soil amendments… until I’m fully ready. Through the winter, my heart actually sinks when thinking about these things! Until one day… about this time each year… I think about gardening… and my heart lifts — soars, even.

And then I know that it’s time to begin.


My cat Liz loves seeds perhaps as much as I do. When I lay out all the packets for planning purposes, she makes sure she’s there to help. We love to “play seeds” together.

Can you guess what kind of seeds she loves best?

When I left all the seeds out on Sunday night, I had forgotten about the Catnip.

And Liz had been playing seeds in the night — as I quickly realized on Monday morning when I saw the crumpled rug and strewn packets.

The life of the party:

So I guess to plant catnip this year, I’ll just have to rake a plot of dirt and shake out the rug!


(If you’re curious about planning a veggie garden, here’s how I do mine each year.)

And your garden… what’s it up to right now?



3 Responses to “Garden planning, more snow, and a catnip party”

  1. Trish says:

    I have plans to put 3 raised beds in my garden… I’d better get a move on! I have recently put up a little plastic greenhouse (a birthday gift in December from 2 friends). I love it!

  2. snowpeas says:

    I think you are a true die-hard gardener if you can get enthused about planting seeds when there’s all that snow on the ground! 🙂 I love your little Liz And The Seeds side story–adorable! She sure did find HER favorite seeds, didn’t she?! 🙂

  3. Jane says:

    Liz is a party girl – looks like she had something to really sleep off there! I’m with you on getting back into gardening mode Lindsey – I usually am there when the sap starts running in the sugar maples, which has been the last couple of weeks here. Got an edible landscape plan on the table and am hoping the snow stays around a couple more weeks so I can concentrate on the work before me. Once the earth is exposed and the sun’s out regularly, it’s almost impossible to be inside!!! Snowdrops up at the front steps!

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