By , March 15, 2013

Last weekend I had a wonderful retreat.

My folks were headed to the mountains for the weekend and my kitty and I went along with them. I didn’t realize how much I needed that dose of nature. My heart has been heavy lately with worry and too much of the ‘big stuff’ on my mind, and getting out of my usual daily pattern and having a fun little vacation really lifted me up. We all had a wonderful time!!

Kiss the kitteh!

These icicles were bent. Weird!

One day it snowed. It’s a shame I was too lazy to go outside and get a proper picture of this enchanted forest at dawn in the snowfall. Instead I took the photo through the window screen. Ug. Next time!


What have you all been up to lately??


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  1. Trish says:

    Sorry you have been heavy hearted dear Lindsey. I’m glad you’ve been on a retreat.
    I took my daughter Rosie on a course to learn the Lightning process. Basically retraining the brain to tell the body to be well. It was simple, but very powerful, and amazing. I have not eaten chocolate for 17 years as I would get an almighty migraine… but since learning the lightning process I actually ate a kit kat (not an awful lot of chocolate, but any would trigger it before), and by using the lightning process I have kept away the headache. And Rosie… she has been swimming and been on an exercise bike as well as traveling 3 hours everyday and learning the process (after a year and a half of suffering from ME/chronic fatigue syndrome). It is like a miracle. Gosh our brains are amazing! If only we understood it’s capabilities more.
    Sending much love to you.
    p.s you were not being lazy, you were relaxing and resting your lovely body.

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