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Did you know that art projects are magnetic?

By , March 8, 2013

Yes. And how I know this is that each time I begin one, there is soon a cat on top of it.

This time especially because I was using my “light table” (lamp under a glass table).

A warm art project. How much more enticing can it get??


Sometimes I do manage to complete a project without too much cat hair stuck to it. Here are a few kinda recent ones. The first two are paper cuttings, also known as “scherenschnitte.” The other two are mandalas that I draw freehand and then color with ink and colored pencil.


Functional Art

By , September 14, 2012


It’s nice to make mundane things beautiful.

Instead of purchasing a standard “No Solicitors” plaque to post next to our doorbell, I wanted to make one that was a little prettier and a little friendlier (but not too colorful, and heavens, no smiley faces).

F and I tinkered with wording, trying to state it in the positive — the way a sign at a public garden might say “Let It Grow!” instead of “Don’t Pick the Flowers.”

We thought “We admire your persistence, and yet we thank you for allowing our doorbell to remain un-rung” was nice, although perhaps a bit…meandering.

We wanted our statement to be friendly, yet firm, but “Please no solicitors, Thank you” had the subtlest undertone of ‘beg.’

(This is important stuff. Worthy of lengthy discussion.)

“No Solicitors Please” was F’s suggestion, and it seemed just right.

We like it.



(And its batting average, you ask? 0 for 2! And they shoved Romney campaign fliers in the mailbox before leaving. Hmph…)


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