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Late night catnip party

By , September 26, 2012

If you have a cat,

and you harvest catnip seeds,

and you leave the seed packet lying out on a table overnight,

you might just wake up to something like this:


The Not-Helpful Coworker

By , August 22, 2012


Baby Squirrel Pictures!

By , May 30, 2012

Finally, some of the pictures of our neighbor squirrels’ litter of springtime babies! They were so cute. They’re nearly grown now, and very busy of course as all squirrels seem to be.

Apologies in advance for the underwhelming quality of the photos. F’s camera (with that requisite telephoto lens) and I still don’t get along. It thinks I don’t know what I’m doing. And while I won’t dispute that… I say, what kind of camera refuses to take a picture when I press the shutter release. If the light situation is sucky, that’s my business! (And your eyes are fine — it’s the photos that are a bit blurry, maybe because they were all taken through the window screen.)

Anyway — on to the cuteness!


The Living Paper Shredder

By , April 21, 2012

Very handy!




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