Juice Your Kitchen Scraps!

By , February 22, 2011

I was inspired today by this post about raw vegetable juices over at Wooly Moss Roots. I’ve never been into juicing because separating the fiber from the juice just doesn’t seem natural, and it’s not the ideal way to consume vegetables according to what I’ve read. But then I’ve also read that as long as juicing is used in addition to your regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, it can actually be a very good way to boost your intake of vitamins and minerals. I can certainly see both sides of the story.

We actually have a juicer already (it came with my Hubby), so today I decided to go for it. I used some kitchen scraps that would’ve otherwise gotten tossed (cilantro and parsley stems, a mandarin orange with very tough membranes, and spent beet chunks from making beet kvass), as well as a carrot and some celery. It turned out pretty well! I was especially thrilled to be juicing the last drops of lacto-fermented, enzyme-rich goodness out of those beets! (I’ll share my beet kvass recipe soon. We love beet kvass in this household!)

Remembering that all those vitamins and minerals would probably need some fat in order to be absorbed properly, I added some grassfed whipping cream in a ratio of about 3 or 4 parts juice to 1 part cream.


The cream was the key. Better nutrient absorption, better taste!

I even felt a sort of…uplift…after drinking this raw veggie juice. And I loved how it was such a clean, light way to start the day!

What’s your opinion about juicing? If you juice, what are your favorite veggie combos?

Pretty layers of juice!

6 Responses to “Juice Your Kitchen Scraps!”

  1. Hi Lindsey!
    Thank you for letting me know about this blog post! I love it! Thanks for posting a link to me. I have had mixed feelings about juicing too so I’m glad you wrote about that.
    Sometimes Jeff puts a little sauerkraut juice in with it and it’s so good!
    I’m glad you mentioned consuming it with fat!
    And I know what you mean about the uplift 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    The layers are beautiful!

    I don’t own a juicer (bad hubby!), but I love to make veggie/fruit smoothies (for me AND our dogs) with a VitaMix. That way you use the entire veggie. It was crazy expensive, but I have used it nearly daily for years.

    Tomato, celery, parsley and a little jalapeno is a nice combo 🙂

  3. Lindsey says:

    Hi Linda,
    I’m also much more of a smoothie drinker! I like to sneak veggies (cucumbers and spinach) into my fruit smoothies, but your all-veggie one sounds fantastic! I will definitely be trying that!!
    Your dogs like smoothies too? That’s adorable!

  4. Lindsey says:

    Mmm, sauerkraut juice. Excellent idea. And I’ll have to try the veggie juice mixed with kefir instead of cream…see how that tastes.
    I think I’m more of a smoothie girl in general, but I’ll definitely be juicing veggies again!

  5. Linda says:

    Oh, forgot to mention, a chuck of ginger root is good added to almost any combo!

  6. Lindsey says:

    Fresh ginger! That’s one thing I don’t have…and must buy!

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