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Harvesting Our Apples

Well it’s been an awesome year for fruit here, since our usual blossom-killing frost mercifully did not occur this spring. And so “Make more applesauce” has been somewhat of a standing order on my to-do lists of late. What a blessing, to have so much free organic fruit! My mom’s recent comment in an email made me giggle, asking me what I’ll do with all my time once the apples are through!

The apple tree in the backyard is Red Delicious variety, but the apples are really not good for fresh eating, however they make great applesauce! So F and I harvested them all recently and I’ve been picking away at them, cutting out the wormy parts, peeling them, chopping, and then cooking and canning them.


What kind of fruit are you harvesting this autumn?



  1. pedritxes

    Hi friend,

    To can the apples you just peel, chop and cook them without sugar
    or you put somethingelse, and how long can it be stored ?

    Thank you in advance

    Josefina from Barcelona

  2. snowpeas

    Never saw anyone RAKE apples out of a tree!! 🙂 But what a great idea–looks like it worked! Those are beautifully imperfect apples! Love the picture of the kitty cat showing interest in them, hehe. Your end product looks Delicious!!

  3. krista

    Lindsey, My apples aren’t producing yet, but a nice woman in my town has an orchard where she literally fills my car with apples!!! I invested in apple peeler/slicer and couldn’t be more pleased. Such a time saver–remember tons of apples to preserve!! Anyhow I ended up leaving the peels on for the sauce and kids and adults enjoyed immensely!! The peels were not recognizable in the sauce and did not change color or texture significantly. I got the peeler with the suction base–works like a dream!!! Then I feed all the cores to the chickens. You should try a few layers. Seems right up your alley!

  4. Lindsey

    Hi Krista,
    Apple peeler, corer, slicer would be a good tool! Normally I would leave peels on the apples for the nutrition. However at the time of this post, my stomach was delicate enough to not be able to handle the peels, even cooked. So, the peels came off. We don’t go through enough eggs to make chickens worth it, but maybe in the future! 🙂

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