Nope, slower than that~

By , January 24, 2013

In figuring out what works the best for each of us in our own lives, I think it’s helpful to sample the extremes through personal experience; we figure out what we do want, and what we don’t want.

I fractured a bone in my hand (my dominant hand, naturally), so I’m sampling the extreme of being-rather-than-doing. No art. No sewing. No major projects. Very minimal writing (I miss that especially). Minimal typing.

More reading…more sitting…more thinking and pondering. More time spent working around my hand to do things I want to, and have to, do — like preparing food. While it is an extreme — and I very much look forward to having my hand back — being forcibly disallowed to do much of what I’d normally be doing allows me to see, more and more, that I’m happiest when living a very simple life, conducted at a pleasant pace. I feel like I’ve said a variation of this so many times here before, I think I’m starting to sound like a broken record.

I’ve certainly sampled the other extreme — of living frenzied and stressed, always with one eye on the clock. And I sure didn’t like that. I’m learning, now, how to live a new pace of life that’s much more viable for me, and far less likely to result in general life burnout. My inclination has always been busyness and activity, with minimal lounge-around time, so pacing myself feels very strange sometimes. But when I downshift my whole pace, I arrive at the end of each day feeling more balanced and not so drained.

As I lay on the acupuncture table yesterday, words drifted into my head… I wish I could remember exactly what they were… something about “Learn to live comfortably in the slow, quiet moments. That’s when life’s the most enjoyable.”

And later as I mentioned to my acupuncturist that I often feel ill-at-ease during days of lower energy and minimal activity or accomplishment, worried that I’m not doing something concrete toward my future… she replied “There’ll be plenty of time for all that. And really, all we have is time.” All we have is time! I’d never had that thought before. It’s true. A long time, a short time, that’s not for us to know… But all we do have is time.

Let us make sure we are enjoying the time we have. Because otherwise, what’s the point!

(And let us try not to be worrying why this is the second bone that has broken, under only moderate impact, in under a year’s time…)


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  1. snowpeas says:

    Oh my gosh. Wow, yeah, slowing down and pacing yourself and savoring moments instead of rushing through them to get to the next moments that demand you do something, and on and on. I’ve been struggling all my adult life with that. I totally appreciate what you are saying! …and I am in awe at your knack for finding the good in everything that comes your way–like being held back by an out-of-commission right hand! Hope you heal quickly and that all is well! <3<3

  2. Jane says:

    I’m not sure I know of anyone who could put this “set back” to such good use – and then, maybe it’s not so much a set back as yet another eye/mind/heart opener for you. I know you’ll put your time to perfect use – you already are! I could use a few lessons in that realm myself. Take care…

  3. Trish says:

    Oh Lindsey… sometimes it doesn’t take much impact to break a bone, it is just the way you fall… oh I am so sorry.
    You are right (as always) the slow quiet moments are the most enjoyable, and as always you seem to be making the best out of the situation. I do hope you are not in pain.
    Sending you much love and healing dear Lindsey.xxxx

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