Lingering Spring and a Touch of Summer

By , June 3, 2015

Oriental poppy orange, (c) The Herbangardener


~I hope this finds you all well~

Just some photos for today.

We are busy here; isn’t that the way of the world though! The to-do list never seems to shorten does it…

I’ll post more of an update in the coming weeks but for now, enjoy this most glorious time of year with a tour through the garden… pausing to pet the Kitty of course… and maybe you’d like a few strawberries too, still warm from the morning sun, and a cold fizzy glass of homebrew kombucha? (I’ve finally upped production, brewing it by the 3-gallon-full these days and I’m thinking of going to 4!)

Greetings from a wet, chilly Colorado night,



(c) The Herbangardener

Purple lily of the valley, (c) The Herbangardener

Mousing, (c) The Herbangardener

(c) The Herbangardener

(c) The Herbangardener

(c) The Herbangardener

(c) The Herbangardener

(c) The Herbangardener

(c) The Herbangardener

(c) The Herbangardener

Spring vegetable garden, (c) The Herbangardener

Homegrown strawberry,, (c) The Herbangardener

Spring vegetable garden (c) The Herbangardener

Oakleaf heirloom lettuce, (c) The Herbangardener

Cat feet (c) The Herbangardener

Star of Persia, (c) The Herbangardener

Maple leaf, (c) The Herbangardener

Fern, (c) The Herbangardener

Celebration Song iris, (c) The Herbangardener

Homebrew kombucha, (c) The Herbangardener

Kombucha day, (c) The Herbangardener

Green lawn, (c) The Herbangardener

Johnny Jump Ups, (c) The Herbangardener

Garden strawberries, (c) The Herbangardener

Seedlings, (c) The Herbangardener

Walls o water, (c) The Herbangardener

Tomato plant (c) The Herbangardener

Oakleaf heirloom lettuce, (c) The Herbangardener

(c) The Herbangardener

Yarrow (c) The Herbangardener

Yarrow (c) The Herbangardener

Orange oriental poppy, (c) The Herbangardener

(c) The Herbangardener


4 Responses to “Lingering Spring and a Touch of Summer”

  1. Jane says:

    Glad to see you and Kitty out and busy in your gardens and kitchen – you have such a knack for catching the beauty unfolding around you. It’s always an inspiration to take a moment and touch base with you from afar. Happy early summer!

  2. snowpeas says:

    Luscious, LUSCIOUS pictures!!!! The close-up of the strawberry took my breath away! Such perfection and you captured it perfectly. Great to see everything flourishing around you–lucky you and lucky kitty! 😀 Welcome summer! <3<3

  3. Yvonne Wintgens says:

    Hi Lindsay ~ Just been checking out your site (think I was on Pintrest) & really enjoyed the pics of veges and Kitty, so clearly detailed! Must have a good camera! Also loved the Mandalas you drew and the recipes, which I hope to try out soon, when Spring arrives in South Africa. We are in the middle of Winter and where I stay in the Midlands of Kwa-Zulu Natal, about 45 kilometers from Pietermaritzburg,The Capital and about 80 kilometres from Durban, our main port on the East Coast. I hope you have fully recovered from the Bruscilliosis (sp?). I have heard of Malta Fever but have never met anyone who had it. It gets pretty cold up here with occasional light snow falls but snow falls mainly on the Drakensberg Mountains, which are about 1 1/2 hours away. Thank you for sharing your life and activities with us ~ fascinating to see and hear how folk on the opposite side of the world live! Keep us the good work! Blessings from the South of Africa. Yvonne

  4. Lindsey says:

    Wow, Yvonne, South Africa – what a dramatic landscape that no doubt is. I, too, love to see how others live in other countries!!
    My camera, haha, is a great little point-and-shoot ‘Canon PowerShot digital elph, SD790IS.’ I love it so much but I don’t think they even make this model anymore. It is literally duct-taped together!

    Thank you so much for writing. I do love to hear from other people and am always rather surprised when someone has discovered my little blog! And is kind enough to write 🙂

    Brucellosis is hopefully gone. Titers have finally returned to normal though I think nobody actually knows if it ever fully leaves your body, or, more likely, it is thought some of the bacterial hangers-on will continue to be in your body but go into a state of dormancy (or the body keeps them down), sometimes to re-emerge decades later. However when I was sick with it, which was a horrendous experience, my already-sucky immunity was extra low and other things moved in, which to this day I am still working on sorting out. What a flipping nightmare.

    My best to you, hope winter’s not too severe down there!

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