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Beauty All Around

Look at that sky!

When I was a kindergartner, I had a wonderful ‘daycare mom’ who was an artist named Karen. Her soulful, cocoon-like home was as warm and welcoming as she was, and she especially loved filling giant canvases with luminous oil paintings of soaring, heavenly clouds. Just beautiful, beautiful works of art. To this day I think of her every time I see a sky like that one.


Well we have had some glorious flowers in the garden this year. Look at them! So beautiful. ♥



  1. snowpeas

    Perfection! Gorgeous, GORGEOUS flowers!! and so untouched by bugs. 😀

  2. snowpeas

    ….and have to say those clouds are awesome!! I don’t see them like that very often. Besides being so pretty I like how they are nonthreatening. It makes me feel relaxed to look up and see puffy clouds in the blue sky :D. I can certainly see how Karen would be moved to paint them. <3

  3. Lindsey

    Haha, unlike the rest of the buggy garden! :-p

  4. Lindsey

    They were so beautiful, and true — I hardly ever see a sky like this so I ran for the camera when I did. I wish I could paint clouds like Karen did!

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