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Month: July 2013

The garden this morning

It’s a gorgeous fresh sunny morning here, after a fantastic rainstorm last night which left us over an inch and a half of rain! Our ground really needed that soaking.

And so here are some garden pictures, taken on this fresh dewey morning.


May you have a most relaxing Sunday morning!!



Hello!!!! Unbelievable it’s been 3 months since I’ve touched my little blog here. To make a very long, 3-month story into just a sentence, the brucellosis began coming back, so I had to face the music, make some pretty hard decisions, and do something about it (different this time than antibiotics — although antibiotics work, they are very hard on my body). My health is a work in progress at the moment, though I’m seeing enough positive signs of progress that I’m encouraged to stick with what I’m doing. It’s been rough. Nothing is an overnight fix, I realize, no matter which route I choose. My body was really sick. And I’m seeing how long it really does take to build it back up — it took years to tear it down, after all.

Anyway, just a few random pictures for today. I need to take some pictures of the garden — it’s doing great this year, to make up for some pretty below-average runs the past several years. Nothing cheers a gardener like flourishing plantlife!!

Sending love out to you all; I hope you have been well.

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