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Make a Bug Bath!

If you’re an organic vegetable gardener, or just a lazy cheapskate-type gardener (or both like me), then beneficial insects are at the top of your list. They’re easy, they’re free, they do the work for you. For example, I’ve never found a better way of controlling aphids than relaxing in the shade with a cup of tea and letting the wasps eat them off one by one.

All you need to do is lure the beneficials in by making your garden as irresistible as possible. One good way is to make sure you have a variety of flowers blooming amongst your vegetables. I’ve noticed they especially like herb flowers and wildflowers.

Another good way is to provide a reliable source of fresh water — just like a bird bath, only for bugs.

To make a bug bath:

1. Find a dish and some rocks; the rocks will stick up above the water and provide islands for bugs to land on.

2. Locate the bug bath somewhere in your garden. Feel free to have multiple bug baths throughout your garden.

3. Keep the water fresh; I dump it and re-fill when I water the garden.

4. It may take a bit for the bugs to discover their new bath; have patience — they’ll find it!




  1. Trish

    Lindsey… this is wonderful!xxx

  2. snowpeas

    Looks very easy with a big payoff! Great post! <3<3

  3. Sasha

    Yay! Thanks for bringing this up Lindsey. In our city and county it is part of the legal requirement for bee keepers/guardians to provide a water source for these helpful little sisters. And just like a waterhole, you’d be amazed at who else shows up to drink! Like a wildlife documentary on your own back porch 🙂

  4. Lindsey

    Sasha, YES! A wildlife doco in your own yard, this is so true!
    I didn’t know it was a requirement – that’s great. The bees are definitely my best customers 🙂

    Wonderful to hear from you Sasha, much love.

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